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2 Major Considerations When Renting a Self-Storage Facility

The longer you live in your residence, the more items you accumulate over the years. However, homeowners will not realize this until they have to move house, especially if the new home is smaller. At this juncture, you have a few options to consider: give less used items away, hold a garage sale and make some money off your items, or opt for a self-storage facility. Generally, homeowners may opt for self-storage if they are in a transition period and would like to reclaim their belongings once they have access to a bigger space. Here are some of the considerations when renting a self-storage facility when moving.

Location of the storage facility

Location is pertinent if you plan to have access to your belongings on a regular basis. It makes no sense to store your items closer to your older home then end up having to make long drives to access your stuff. The frequency of your visits should dictate your choice of location. Granted, facilities located in remote areas away from the city and the suburbs tend to have cheaper fees. These would be best if you are storing your items for a significant period of time and will not be needing anything in the near future. Nevertheless, if you are using your storage facility as a form extra space for your new home, then you need to choose a facility that is in close proximity.

Amount of self-storage space

A common misconception people make is that if hard pressed they can make all their items fit in one room. The truth of the matter though is that there are a number of factors to consider to determine the amount of space that you require. If you are storing fragile items in the space, you cannot afford to cram them atop of each other and hope they stay in good condition. You have either to opt for a larger space or consider having shelves installed to ensure they are stacked appropriately without risk of breakage. When it comes to large furniture items, always opt to dismantle any items that can be broken down rather than store them whole. This way you may find that you previously assumed you would require a large self-storage unit for a dining table, chairs and more yet they could easily fit in a smaller space once dismantled.

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