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Moving? Learn About Pet Removal Services & Why You Need Them

If you are planning a removal and your household has pets, it is important to plan ahead for their special removal. Doing so will ensure that you find a provider in time for your removal. It will also ensure that your pet is well looked after during the move. Read on to learn more about pet removals.

Where can you get a pet removal service?

Many furniture removalists offer pet removal services. Working with such a removalist can be a great way to ease logistics as you only need to deal with one provider for all your removal needs. If you cannot find a furniture removalist that offers the service, look for a separate pet removalist.

What to expect during the pet removal process

Pet removals are very different from other types of removals. A lot of constant care is needed to ensure your pets arrive at their destination in good health despite the challenges of being on the road for hours.

Overall, pet removal entails the following:

  • Pick-up and delivery: Your pets will be collected at your doorstep and delivered on the agreed date at the new address.
  • Professional handlers: Expert pet handlers are used to look after your pets in regards to choosing their travel cages. They also feed your pets, fasten their cages when in transit and look after their general well-being.
  • Boarding: For removals that span over a day, pet removalists provide boarding services for your pet. Boarding services are also necessary on request or when your furniture has to go into storage first before delivery to the new location.
  • Meals and grooming: During their stay with the removalist, your pets will be fed and groomed daily whether in transit or at the boarding facility.

Why seek pet removal services?

There are several benefits of seeking a removalist for your pet:

  • You can ease the pressure of the removal process—especially if your removal is complicated or if you own quite a few pets. 
  • Some pets do not take travelling well, especially interstate trips. With your pet in the hands of a pet removalist, you can ensure your pet gets the best care for a less stressful experience.
  • You can concentrate on the furniture removal process.
  • It's easier to enjoy having your pet(s) arrive when you have already settled in your new house.

Start by talking to furniture removalists like Jacks Moving Services about your pet and removal options.