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Guidelines on Reducing Cumulative Moving Expenses

There are numerous expenses that are associated with moving into a new residential space. The common costs of acquiring the new home include transaction and realtor fees, legal charges, stamp duty and mortgage fees. In addition, the actual removal and transportation of your items from your old house to the new building can be costly. You can choose to hire a truck or trailer and move without professional movers. You can also engage expert removalists for assistance through the process. Regardless of the method you choose, here are some guidelines to help you reduce the total expenses of the moving activity.


The process of moving can be hectic because of the numerous and diverse goods that you must organise and load into the truck. Moreover, it is difficult to keep a close eye on your valued items during the journey, especially if you are moving over a long distance. Consequently, the important goods can get lost, stolen or even become damaged during the removal process. Therefore, you should consider insuring your items before getting on the road.

If you are dealing with professional removers, the process is easy because they will only require an additional fee for the cover policy. If you are moving without assistance, you will need to consult an insurer or an agent on the different options available. This option is more expensive because you lack the right knowledge and experience for this task. It is also prudent to check whether your homeowner or renters insurance policy covers moving to reduce the charges.

Reduce the Load

You should review your household items before packing them into the moving truck. The process will help you identify items that you can discard and reduce the cumulative weight and volume of the goods. This may seem like an obvious guideline, but the task can be difficult in the pertinent circumstances. Measure the large items such as living room furniture, wardrobes and beds. Compare the dimensions with your future rooms to ensure that they can all fit comfortably. Eliminate the larger or extra items and anything that will not match your interior style. You can also sell some of the items to recyclers or donate, depending on your preference.


Finally, think about the timing of the moving process because this can contribute to higher base rates for removal. Ideally, you should plan to move during off-peak seasons like winter when the removalist business is slow. In addition, moving at the middle of the month is cheaper because most leases turn over at the end.

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