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Four Removals Tips for Flatmates Who Are Moving to New Places, Apart From Each Other

If you live with a bunch of flatmates and you are all moving out to new homes, the removals process can be a bit complicated. However, with the right tips, you can make the move as easy as possible. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Use colour to organise.

As each of you pack your stuff, you want to be sure that the boxes don't get mixed together. After all, you don't want to end up in Adelaide with your flatmate's shoes while he or she is in Melbourne with a box of your favourite books. To avoid that, invest in colourful removals boxes and assign a colour to each flatmate. Alternatively, if you opt to use standard brown cardboard boxes, buy thick, colourful markers and clearly and largely mark each box.

2. Create separate piles.

In addition to distinctly marking your boxes, you need to keep them well organised in your flat until the official removals day. Each flatmate should have a separate pile of boxes. Additionally, you can share a pile for stuff that needs to be donated or thrown out.

3. Consider sharing a removals truck.

If you are heading in opposite directions, sharing a removals truck won't necessarily work, but if you are all moving to locations in the same city or to places that are in the same direction, you should consider saving money by sharing a removals truck. If you opt to share a truck, plan your route strategically, and put the possessions of the person who is going to be dropped off last into the truck first, followed by the possessions of the person who is going to be dropped off second to last and so on and so forth. That way, when you get to each flatmate's new home, you can easily grab their stuff out of the removals truck and pop it into their new home without having to rearrange the truck or hunt for boxes in the back.

4. Plan to finish packing a day before the removals truck arrives.

Ideally, you and your flatmates should plan to finish packing the day before the removals truck is scheduled to arrive. On the evening before, all of you should have a bag of essentials (clothes, toiletries and a few snacks) to survive the last night and morning in your current home, and you should each have a pile of your boxes and furnishings. That way, if anything is left just sitting about the flat, you can easily see it and take care of it. That saves a lot of time and confusion on removals day.

With these tips you should be able to easily navigate moving away from your roommates. For more tips and ideas, contact a removalists company.