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7 Ways to Explore the Amazing Flexibility of Customised Containers

If you have an upcoming project that requires you to provide accommodation for something or someone, have you considered customising a shipping container? You would be amazed at how many solutions you can address by using these flexible containers. Let's consider just some of the options.

Modifying the Size

First of all, remember that even though a container generally comes in standard dimensions, it is possible to customise according to specific requirements. For example, two containers can be joined together to double the interior floor space. Also, you can stack one container on top of the other if floor space is limited and can then further customise by fitting specially made stairways to the exterior, in order to allow access to the upper level.

Splitting up the Space

If you are looking for space to accommodate the requirements of several different individuals, then you can customise one large container by creating individualised compartments within. Each compartment would have an exterior door to the side. This can, for example, be used in an outdoor crop allotment for the individual allotment owners.

Less Footprint

If you don't have much available land in the area around the project where you will locate your container, then you can choose to have roller shutters fitted in place of swinging doors.

Ramping It up

Many people choose to use containers to store their vehicles at their property. Customise those containers by fitting purpose made ramps that will allow you to more easily access your vehicles.

Excellent Offices

Storage containers make excellent office facilities, especially for a building site. They can be fitted with all the necessary internal components such as telephone sockets and electrical points and even air conditioning units mounted to the windows. Alternatively, you can fit secure shutters to the windows to help counter vandalism.

Sensitive Storage

If you have sensitive equipment or materials and need to store them in your containers, then you can customise these units to counter issues associated with humidity, dampness or temperature fluctuations. While containers are naturally windproof and watertight, you can fit them with foil encased in bubble wrap as insulation or can treat them to counter any moisture and damp issues. You can then use your storage containers for even the storage of highly sensitive electronic data.

There are many more solutions possible when it comes to customising containers, often only restricted by your imagination. Contact a company like Tasbulk Pty Ltd to learn more about custom shipping containers.