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The 4 Factors That Will Affect Your Self Storage Costs

Self storage units are great solutions when you need to put away items that you don't use, items that you only need periodically, items that are too large to store at home or items that are too valuable or delicate to keep at home. However, if you're thinking about a self storage service, you must also be thinking about the costs. Well, self storage prices will typically depend on a number of factors. Read on to see what they are.

Size of unit

You can rent self storage units that range from tiny to massive. It all depends on what you want and what you need. There are units as small as 1m3 just for putting away a few boxes and others large enough to store recreational vehicles (RVs) or boats. As you can imagine, the larger your unit is, the more you pay. And the smaller it is, the less you pay. Most units are actually priced per cubic feet or metres. After all, it is the space that you are hiring.

Location of the unit

Another factor that will determine how much you pay for your self storage unit is location. Renting a storage unit is just like renting a house or an office in one way; it's all real estate. So if you go to a posh neighbourhood where real estate prices are high, the self storage units there will be expensive as well. And the opposite too applies. That's because it's a business and the storage company has to factor their costs into their prices.

Amenities provided with the unit

Self storage units are different. Some provide better service than others. Even in any given self storage centre, there are standard units provided and there are premium units. This is all dependent on the amenities provided with each unit. Storage centres or units that offer extra amenities such as air conditioning, alarms, packing materials, security personnel, CCTV surveillance, etc, will cost more than units where all you get is the unit itself.

Duration of hire

Another factor that impacts your self storage costs is the duration of hire. Self storage companies prefer longer durations of hire. That's because longer hires mean stable business and more returns for them. To encourage this, most storage companies normally offer discounted rates for longer hires. For example, hiring a unit for 3 months will cost less than hiring the same unit for just a month. And so on. So the longer your hire duration is, the lower your storage cost is.

You can easily get a storage quote online after selecting how much space you want to rent so comparing prices is actually pretty easy. And now that you know what factors impact storage prices, you can tailor your needs to fit the budget you have in mind.