Moving with kids

Moving House Can Be Easy

Moving house can be one of the most stressful things you can do. With so many fine details to oversee, it can be difficult to coordinate everything without feeling the heat. Preparation is absolute key when it comes to moving as it helps to break down the multitude of tasks into smaller, more manageable segments, allowing you to complete a lot of the tasks before the big day. If you can afford it, hire a furniture removals company, as this is one of the most exhausting aspects of the move and ultimately the most stressful, and try making the transition as smooth as possible by using these simple tips.

Clean Ahead of Time

Whenever you move into a new house, you'll want to clean up to remove grime and dust, whether the house is new or not. However, trying to do this whilst the place is full up with furniture isn't the best idea, as you'll just be creating more work for yourself moving chairs and tables out of the way. Instead, try to get to the flat or house a day or two early and clean everywhere properly. You'll also be able to lay down cardboard or mats to allow the removal company to move through the house without dirtying it. If you're concerned about new flooring, you could even supply some new slippers or slip-on shoes that people can change into quickly every time they walk in, without the need to use their hands. This is great if they are lifting heavy items.

Get the Kids to Help

Kids can get bored easily when you're trying to pack up, and may not have the patience you do. Get them to help by supplying them with some colouring pencils and getting them to draw pictures on the boxes to show which rooms they should go in. You should also label it yourself and that way the removal company will be able to quickly locate the specified room without interrupting you. 

Storage Boxes

Packing away your things is an art, which can ultimately save you vast amounts of time. Try labelling each box with a piece of paper stating what is inside it so that you don't have to spend ages searching through each container. You should also try to use different sized boxes, not only will this make some of them more manageable to carry, but will also allow you to stack them inside of each other to save space in the garage or attic.