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Two Tips for Bird-Keepers Who Will Be Using a Removals Service When They Move House

If you keep birds and plan to use a removals service to make your forthcoming house move easier, you should read and follow the advice offered here.

Purchase smaller cages to put your birds in when you move them

Most removalists will not allow any birds or animals to travel in the back of their moving vans, as this could lead to these creatures being hurt and could potentially invalidate their business's insurance policy. Because of this, you will need to move the birds yourself.

If you have a lot of birds, you may need to buy several small cages (i.e. ones that will fit into your own car). To minimise the stress that both the car journey and being in these small cages will cause your birds, you must drive slowly and avoid any routes that feature uneven terrain. This will minimise how often your car jerks, which will, in turn, prevent your birds from getting frightened by these movements.

Additionally, you should keep the time that the birds spend in these small cages to an absolute minimum. You should only transfer them to the cages just before you are about to set off in your car and should remove them from the vehicle and transfer them to your aviary as soon as it is reassembled in the new house, as being in a confined space for a long period of time, when they are accustomed to living in a spacious aviary, will make them feel stressed.

Deep-clean your aviary before giving it to the removalists

It is best to give the aviary in which you usually keep your birds to the removalists, as this large piece of equipment probably won't fit in your own vehicle and its disassembled parts will be more likely to break if jammed into your car's backseat. Before you hand the aviary over, however, you should thoroughly deep-clean it.

Even if you clean your aviary regularly, it can get covered in both your birds' droppings and the mites that may be on their bodies just minutes after being cleaned. If your aviary is unclean when the removalists pick it up and any of these individuals are allergic to the aforementioned mites, they might experience an allergic reaction. Additionally, the bird droppings may fall off the aviary and onto your other boxes inside the van, which could make unpacking these boxes highly unpleasant for the removalists.