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How to Move Home Without Losing Things in the Process

Moving home is both exciting and exhausting. And one of the most difficult parts of a move is making sure you don't lose any of your possessions in the process. With hundreds or even thousands of objects to pack and take with you, all while trying not to lose your sanity, it's very easy to misplace something during your move.

Fortunately, by following a few simple rules, you can ensure that you keep track of everything you own, no matter how hectic things get.

Dispose of all Clutter Before Packing

Although clutter might seem unrelated to the topic of losing items during a move, it can cause enough confusion for important things to disappear in a cloud of chaos. Get rid of all items that have just been sitting around waiting for those 'maybe one day' days. Donate them to charities, give them to friends and family and remove them before you do any packing.

If your important items are mixed up with items you may never use, there is a good chance that you might lose something during your move.

Make an Exhaustive Checklist of Each Room First

Be meticulous in your packing process. This means before you move anything from its familiar home in a room or place it into a box, you should make a checklist. Start and finish your checklist months in advance. To make things easier, plan to include any new items in your first shopping trip after moving into your new home. Otherwise, you'll have to keep editing your checklist.

Leave space to make a note of which box each item has gone into once you start packing. You can use letters of the alphabet or colours to code each room. For instance, you might put living room items into boxes with the letter L and dining room items into boxes with the letter D. Stick a checklist to the sides of each box too so you can tick that as well as the one in your hand while you pack.

Put a Checklist in Every Room of Your New Home

And to make absolutely sure that you leave no stone unturned, put a copy of your checklist in every room of your new house before you move into it. As you move into your new home, you can tick off the boxes as your movers carry them into each room. Though this might seem like overkill, doing this will ensure that boxes and items don't get misplaced.

Moreover, try to ensure that your movers pack each room's boxes together on the back of their truck. This way, they can move your things into your new home room by room with you checking as they do so. With such an exhaustive checking and monitoring process, losing something will be a challenge! Speak with furniture removalists for more moving tips.