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How Furniture Removals Experts Get It Right with Furniture Disassembling

Your furniture removals company may suggest, and even insist on taking apart your furniture, especially the bulkier pieces. The disassembled parts easily fit through doorways and hallways as well as your stairway or elevator. Lifting these pieces is also easier.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly during the furniture removals and after, here are some of the precautions that professionals take.

1. Taking Measurements

The crew will measure your doorways and hallways and compare these measurements against the dimensions of your furniture. Depending on how the two compare, disassembling the furniture may not even be necessary at all. Again, it will determine the extent to which the furniture has to come apart. In some instances, the crew only has to take out a single part, in others, more.

2. Referring to the Manual

Even with the expertise that comes from professional training and years of experience, a professional furniture removals crew will always err on the side of caution and consult the manual. Does the piece need to be taken apart in a specific order? The assembly/disassembly manual will give explicit instructions on this and other vital matters.

3. Using The Right Equipment

There are screws, bolts and nuts that need to come loose. The crew will use screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers and other tools and equipment to get the job done right. Your furniture may also require special tools. With experts, it's as much about using the tools properly as it about using the proper tools. Applying the right techniques helps to avoid any damage to your furniture.

4. Keeping Everything Safe

A professional furniture removals crew will ensure that no part is lost during the move. They will put the bolts, nuts, screws and other small parts in Ziploc bags. Taping these bags to the furniture pieces where the parts within belong will help to avoid misplacing them.

5. Labels. Labels. Labels.

Apart from just taping the Ziploc bags to their responding furniture pieces, it helps to label the bags accordingly, just in case the bags do fall off the furniture. It's also good practice to label the individual furniture pieces themselves. You can avoid mixing up the individual parts for similar furniture.

Whether you are making a local move or working with interstate removalists, your best bet for furniture removals, and especially where disassembling is involved, is to hire professionals. As outlined, you can be sure that the crew will do their best to deliver the best.

For more information, reach out to a local furniture removalist company.