Moving with kids

Two tips for people with small budgets who've decided to hire removalists

If you have had to scrape together the funds to pay for a removalist's basic moving service, here are some ideas that should ensure that using this service does not result in you receiving a bill you cannot afford to pay.

Be careful to avoid going over the allotted time

Lots of removalists charge an hourly rate and will give you an estimate, based on how many hours they expect it to take for them to move the number of items you've told them you have. You must be very organised and prepared to ensure that you can stick to the allotted time they assign for your house move so that you can avoid overspending on this service. If you don't, you might end up using and having to pay for extra time.

For example, if you don't keep track of where the keys for your new home are and you then lose them, or if you accidentally pack them into some random box, then you will hold up the removalists when they get to the new house, as you'll need to locate these keys before they can take your items into the property. This might lead to you having to pay for an extra hour of their time.

Likewise, if you forget that you need to unscrew all of your wall-mounted pieces of furniture and televisions and the removalists have to wait for you to do this before they can put these items in the truck, then you might be charged more. Similarly, if you pack your items carelessly and as a result of this, a bottle may end up spilling all over the moving truck's interior, the removalists will have to spend time mopping this up before they can set off, and you'll probably have to pay extra. As such, you must ensure you're as prepared as you can be for this move and that you pack very carefully.

Consider selling certain items that would be extremely difficult to move

There are certain items that are much harder to move. If, for example, you currently live on the 30th floor of a high-rise apartment building and you own a large piano that won't fit in the building's lift, then the removalists would either have to carry this down thirty flights of stairs or use a crane to remove it from the building. In this situation, they may charge an extra fee because of the extremely strenuous and time-consuming nature of this task or because of the expensive equipment they would have to use to move it.

If you don't want to be charged this extra fee and the item in question doesn't have any sentimental value, then you should consider selling it instead and letting the person who buys it worry about moving it out of the building. You could then use your profit to buy another version of this item or you could put it towards the bill the removalist gives you.