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4 Tips to Help an Elderly Relative With a Home Move

Many older people find moving to a new home stressful, even though it can lead to an increase in their quality of life in the long run. Whether your relative needs to move into a care home or simply wants to downsize or move into an easier-to-manage home, the following tips can help you to support them during the planning and preparation, as well as on the day of the move itself.

1. Start Planning Early

Older people sometimes take a little longer than younger people to make decisions or get used to a new idea. By starting the planning for the move early, you can give your elderly relative the time they need. Planning early also helps to avoid stress, as you will have plenty of time to do all the little jobs that often get forgotten during move planning, such as redirecting mail, cancelling subscriptions to the old address, and getting rid of possessions that the older person doesn't want to take to the new home.

2. Include the Elderly Relative in Decisions

Older people deserve to have some control over their lives, so be sure to include them in decisions related to the move. For example, give relatives who need care a voice in deciding which care home to move into by taking them to visit several options.

3. Go Through Belongings Together

Your elderly relative might find it difficult to get all their belongings out of storage spaces in the loft, in closets, or under the bed. Set aside a few days to help them sort through all their old things to decide what they want to bring to the new home and what they want to donate, gift, or throw out. If you set aside plenty of time, this process can be an enjoyable bonding activity, rather than a stressful experience.

4. Hire a Residential Removalist Service

Residential removalists can make moving to a new home much easier. On the day of the move, they can do all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to spend time with your elderly relative to provide them with reassurance and comfort if necessary. Residential removalists have the necessary training and equipment to move valuable or heavy items, such as antique furniture or large vases or ornaments, therefore reducing the risk that something will be broken during the move. Some removal services also offer help with packing and unpacking.