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Some Tips For Keeping A Storage Unit Clean

To get the most from your storage unit, it will not be enough just to fill it and leave it. You need to ensure that your possessions are kept in good condition and that the unit is clean. Here are some tips on how to clean a storage unit.

Make a plan

If your unit is cluttered and inaccessible, you will need to plan in advance how to clean it. You may not get the job done in a single session, and you may want to enlist a friend or family member to help. It may be necessary to start with a particular corner to make room for you to get to the rest of the unit.

Get rid of the clutter

It is well worth taking time to find anything you no longer want and get rid of it. Unwanted items will take up room and will make it harder to keep the unit clean and tidy. Look at each item in turn and decide whether you want to keep it, sell it, donate it or throw it away. You may find that you are renting a larger unit than you actually need.

Check the contents

Make sure you have enough room to work around all the boxes and items in the unit, taking them outside if need be. Inspect each item thoroughly to see if anything is damaged or needs cleaning before being put back. Cardboard boxes may have rotted and should be replaced with plastic storage boxes, while loose items may be covered in dust and should be cleaned before being replaced. Anything damaged should be repaired or thrown away as soon as possible.

Clean the unit

Finally, you are ready to clean the unit itself. Dust will be the main problem, so wipe down any shelves and other surfaces with a cloth. If there are any spillages, make sure you deal with the source of the problem as well as clean up the mess. Sweep the floor wherever possible. It is a good idea to keep cleaning supplies in the unit itself so that you don't have to remember to take them with you and so that you will be able to clean up any problems as soon as you see them.

Make sure you visit your unit every month or so, even if you don't need anything from it. This will enable you to keep the unit and your possessions in good condition and deal with any issues as they arise.

Contact a storage unit facility for more information.