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Two Steps a Business Owner Must Take if They Want Their Office Relocation to Go Well

Here are two steps a business owner should take if they want their office relocation to go well.

Set Aside Time for the Commercial Removalist to Do a Walkthrough

Most commercial removalists will advise their clients to allow them to do a walkthrough of both the current and new premises before their relocation. It's important for any business owner who wants a straightforward relocation experience to set aside time for this process, no matter how busy they might be. These walkthroughs will allow the removalist to evaluate each premises' layout, and see which of each building's lifts, stairwells and exterior steps they can access and use when carrying their clients' larger office items through these buildings.

If either the current or new office premises is in a shared commercial building, these walkthroughs will also give the removalist a better understanding of what challenges they might encounter on the day of the relocation, as a result of the premises being occupied by other people. For example, they'll get to visit each premises' car park and see how busy each one gets, and then determine how close they'll probably be able to park to each premises' entrance. They'll also get to see how crowded the premises' interior hallways get on a typical day and how difficult it might be for them to carry their clients' items through these busy hallways. This will help them to more accurately estimate the time it'll take their team to load and unload the client's office items.

Consider How and Where They Want the Removalist to Unload Their Items​

Before they start packing and labelling their boxes, the business owner should consider how and where they want the commercial removalist's team to unload them. For example, if the business owner has a number of items that they'll need to access and start using for work tasks immediately after these things arrive at the new premises (such as paperwork and basic stationery supplies), they should pack these objects together, label the box as 'essential first-day supplies' and specify an easy-to-access area of the new premises where the removalist should put this box (like the reception desk). The removalist will then know that they'll need to unload this box before all the other ones and will put it in this location. This will then mean the business owner won't waste time opening lots of other boxes looking for these items, but can instead find these things and get straight to work.

Similarly, if the business owner labels each box with a detailed description of the area of the new office in which its contents will be kept (such as '2nd floor, third room on the left, corner shelf'), the removalist won't then put these boxes in other random parts of the office. If the office is large and spread over multiple floors, this could save the business owner a lot of time, as they won't need to carry boxes from one floor to another to put their contents in their correct spots. This, in turn, will help them to get their office organised, tidy and ready for business much faster.

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