The 4 Factors That Will Affect Your Self Storage Costs

Self storage units are great solutions when you need to put away items that you don't use, items that you only need periodically, items that are too large to store at home or items that are too valuable or delicate to keep at home. However, if you're thinking about a self storage service, you must also be thinking about the costs. Well, self storage prices will typically depend on a number of factors. [Read More]

Box Clever: Choosing The Right Packaging Materials For Transporting A Flat Screen Television

Moving all of your worldly goods and belongings during a relocation can be a stressful endeavour, particularly when it comes to safely transporting your expensive electrical goods, such as flat screen LCD or plasma televisions. However, you can do far more to protect your television on its long journey than simply load it on the van and pray — packaging material suppliers offer a range of ways to protect your television from damage while in transit, including some specialised materials designed specifically for TV transportation. [Read More]

7 Ways to Explore the Amazing Flexibility of Customised Containers

If you have an upcoming project that requires you to provide accommodation for something or someone, have you considered customising a shipping container? You would be amazed at how many solutions you can address by using these flexible containers. Let's consider just some of the options. Modifying the Size First of all, remember that even though a container generally comes in standard dimensions, it is possible to customise according to specific requirements. [Read More]

Ride on - Tips to help you move your bike

While many people think of bikes as very hardy items, they can easily be damaged if mishandled, particularly if they are stored or impacted in a way that doesn't match their normal orientation. For people who are very passionate about cycling, their bike can be nearly as expensive as a secondhand car so it can be very stressful to work out how to get it safely moved when you move homes. [Read More]